The ‘gate’ in the Bible, especially the Old Testament, was a place where people met or gathered to hear an important announcement, admonition, guidance, direction or encouragement. The Psalms, in particular, provide several figurative references to gates, admonishing people to enter them for praise and thanksgiving—“Open the gates of righteousness for me; I will enter through them and give thanks to the Lord. These gates lead to the presence of the Lord, and the godly enter there.” [118:19-20] “Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise. Give thanks to Him and praise His name.” [100:4] Christ uses the analogy of the gate in His teaching in the New Testament pointing out the eternal significance of choosing the “gateway to life.” [Matthew 7:14] 


So, when a group of men responded to the call to fulfill a goal in their life to form a vocal group to present the gospel message in four-part quartet style harmony they decided to use the label Gateway Sound in keeping with references in scripture. And, since the group is based in the St. Louis (Missouri) area historically referenced as the ‘Gateway to the West’ it provided a local, contemporary element to the name Gateway Sound.


Gateway Sound is actually the brainchild of Vernon Bradley, baritone for the group. Vernon and Dan met in the ‘80s while both sang with the Mid-Americans—a relatively well-known local (primarily performing in Missouri and Illinois) group in gospel music circles. During that time the Mid-Americans produced five projects and had the opportunity to perform before audiences at the National Quartet Convention, then held in Nashville, Tennessee.  


Dan sang bass and helped manage the Mid-Americans during the early ‘80s and serves in the same role for Gateway Sound. Rounding out the foursome is Brad Kinsey, singing tenor, and Bruce Turnbough, filling the position of lead singer. These members of Gateway Sound desire to continually work to create top quality harmony with a tinge

of modern flavor to the traditional southern gospel sound.

Gateway Sound is a member of the Mid-America Gospel Music Association (MAGMA).

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Dan says he feels fortunate to have experienced both rural and urban living. His childhood years were spent on a farm near Bunker (MO). However, during his teen and early adult years he lived in South St. Louis. Growing up in a Christian home provided the foundation and guidance for him to come to know the Lord at an early age and, subsequently, church has always been a central part of his life. He has been active in various service and leadership roles in church since he was a teenager.


Dan, bass vocalist for the group, says his real love for gospel music began during his teen years

when he was introduced to groups like the Lefevres, Blue Ridge Quartet, Oakridge Boys, Blackwood Brothers, Statesmen and Imperials. “Going to these gospel music concerts opened a whole new

world of excitement and appreciation for this style of gospel music.” Dan says he immediately became enthralled with this music when he heard bass singers like George Younce and

J. D. Sumner. “I will always be grateful to The Lesters for sponsoring concerts like this in

the St. Louis area.”


Dan met his wife, Brenda, at a small church in South St. Louis and most of their early dates involved attending a gospel music concert. July 2017 marked their 50th wedding anniversary. Dan and

Brenda have three married daughters and sixteen grandchildren. The daughters and their

families are all actively involved in church and related ministries.


In the early ‘80s Dan, along with other men in his home church, formed a quartet 

called the Centralaires. Later, the group changed the name to Mid-Americans.






Vernon Bradley, baritone for the group, sang his first solo (‘Not My Will’) in his home church in 1958 and joined his first organized quartet in 1973. Since then he has followed his passion and love for gospel music in several gospel quartets - in particular the Journeymen through the ‘70s and

the Mid-Americans in the ‘80s.


Vernon grew up on a farm near Farmington, Missouri. In those formative years it was only natural that Vernon would acquire such a love for gospel music in a home where this music was so prominent. His dad led singing in his home church for over 25 years. Vernon accepted Christ as his personal Savior during Vacation Bible School in the early ‘60s. Vernon’s love for gospel music continued

to develop through his teens as he collected numerous gospel albums and attended gospel

music concerts.


It was during his years singing with the Journeymen that he met his wife Janet. He and Janet have a daughter who also loves gospel music. While in college she organized and managed an all female quartet called HeartSong and later a trio called Living Faith. Their daughter has a son and twin girls.


Vernon sang on occasion with the Meramec Music Show in the early ‘90s. Since then he has also been part of a quartet singing periodically at his home church in Eureka, MO and other quartet and solo appearances in various churches in MO and IL. "I feel the songs we choose to sing must first speak to and be special to the members of Gateway Sound before God will allow these musical messages to spiritually impact others."




Bruce Turnbough has a long history of singing gospel music. It began early for Bruce. When he was eight years old he began singing with his dad in a group called the Journeymen and continued singing with the group at various times until his dad passed away in 1992. In addition to singing with the Journeymen, his gospel music career includes part-time or full-time assignments with the Centralaires Quartet, the Mid-South Boys, two shows in Branson (MO), a member of the Meramec Country Music Show in Steelville (MO) and singing with his son in a group called Providence. 

Becoming a Christian at an early age meant he grew up deepening his understanding

and love for Christ—the central focus of the message he was delivering in song. Currently,

Bruce serves as music/worship leader in his home church; and, also teaches a boys Bible

study class in the children’s department.

Bruce is originally from Steelville (MO), but now lives in Pacific (MO) with his wife Cinda.

They were married in 1981 and have three grown children. Their two sons have careers in the

music field and their daughter is a school teacher. Bruce enjoys sports and relaxing with family.

“I have always loved singing…it has been, and is, a major part of my life. God has

always given me ability and opportunity to do what I love—sing to His glory!”

Bruce is a 2019 recipient of the Mid-America Gospel

Music Association (MAGMA) Lifetime Achievement Award.







Brad Kinsey fills the tenor position for the group and has the distinction of being the youngest member of Gateway Sound. He is a Kentucky guy growing up in the Paducah area, but moved to St. Louis in the late ‘90s. He and his wife Danielle, have five children and two papillons. He and his family currently live in Washington (MO) and are active in their home church. Brad, who accepted Christ at the age of eleven, says his favorite scripture verse is Ephesians 2: 8-9.


According to Brad, he originally just liked four-part harmony and only heard quartet singing at his church in Paducah. He says he didn’t really get ‘into’ southern gospel music until sometime in the mid-90s when he heard “I’m Not Givin’ Up” by Gold City on the radio. “I started listening to that station more and enjoyed it with ‘Midnight Cry’ probably being my favorite song. My favorite groups back then were Gold City and the Cathedrals.”


In addition to periodically singing in a church quartet he has frequently done solo work for worship services and special choral presentations. He is a member of the Praise Team at his home church.

Brad sang as a member of the performance choir during a Gaither Christmas Homecoming concert

in the St. Louis area. Brad has also taken his vocal talent a little outside the gospel music

field by performing on stage in a local college production of “Les Miserables.”


Brad says he “loves spreading the gospel message through song

and is very excited to do so with the guys in Gateway Sound.”